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Welcome to Atlas Financial Group
June 22, 2024

07:30 – 19:00

Monday to Friday

Investment Philosophy

Our overall objective is to create a diversified portfolio for our clients and will strive to deliver risk-adjusted market returns while closely managing portfolio volatility. Our philosophy centers around 5 key principles:

Asset Allocation

We believe the most important aspect of investing is asset allocation. The asset classes in which you invest, under any given market and economic conditions will ultimately determine your return, diversification and risk-reward profile.


We have incorporated modern portfolio theory into our practice, which is that individual investments should be analysed not on their own risk, but on the additional risk they add to an entire portfolio. As there is a certain amount of risk in all investments, we strive to educate our clients so that they understand the risk-return trade-offs within the investments.

Investment Research

In addition to our in house team of analysts, we have a relationship with one of the worlds largest investment research firms, Morningstar, who provide data on roughly 525,000 investment offerings  including stocks and mutual funds.

Open Architecture

There are literally thousands of investment funds to choose from and our aim is to be pragmatic and focus on value. An unrestricted environment offers further opportunities, but also requires a serious commitment in terms of resources in research, compliance and back office operations.

Time Horizon

Our clients share our vision that successful investing requires patience and that most investment choices must be allowed time to reach their potential over the medium to long term. As wealth advisors, we do not try to “time” the markets but believe that certain asset allocation decisions can help minimize downside losses and enhance up-side gains.